The highly anticipated Home Point Conference at Hillside, set for May 5th, is poised to be an enlightening journey toward building intentional families.

Attendees will have the opportunity to select two of seven unique, 45 minutes sessions, each tailored to address specific facets of family dynamics. From navigating the early years of parenting to guiding preteens and teenagers, and even embracing the role of intentional grand-parenting, the conference covers a broad spectrum of familial challenges, including a focus on parenting through addiction and advocating for Christian schooling.

The conference will culminate with an illuminating session led by special guest, Steve Stroope on intentional marriage, offering invaluable insights for couples seeking to strengthen their bond within the context of intentional family living.

Special children's programming will be available during the conference.


Intentionally Parenting the Younger Years

Laying a foundation for a God honouring home during the messy years.

TEACHER: Chantal MacDonald: 

Chantal is a teacher, published author & mom to three children under 7. Married to Moncton Wesleyan Teaching Pastor, Jeremy MacDonald.

Intentionally Parenting Pre-Teens

Laying a foundation for a God honouring home during the confusing years.

TEACHERS: Pastor Chad & Sarah Fletcher

Pastor Chad and wife Sarah Fletcher have three pre-teen/teenage boys. Sarah is a social worker & relationship and marriage counsellor here in Moncton.

Intentionally Parenting Teenagers.

Laying a foundation for a God honouring home during the attitude years.

TEACHERS: Pastor Roger Reid

Pastor Roger and wife Sharon Reid have actively served teenagers for 30 years in five different churches. They are parents to three young adults.

Intentional Grand-Parenting

Embracing with enthusiasm your new phase of life.

TEACHERS: Pastor Jerry & Karen Reddy

Pastor Jerry & Karen have served at Hillside for 31 years and now have 4 grandchildren.

The Case for Christian Schooling

Equipping students with the highest level of academic preparation, to prepare them to reach their potential.

TEACHER: Willie Brownlee

Willie Brownlee has been the lead the Moncton Christian Academy school for over 30 years. MCA is a complete K-12 program.

Parenting Through the Storm of Addictions

How to love your child through the challenges of addiction.

TEACHER: Pastor LD Buckingham

Pastor Buckingham has been in ministry for over 60 years.  He and his wife Lois have two adult children and three grandchildren.

Tough Situations - Parenting is Messy

This very personal session enables you to text or ask questions to invoke a discussion on a topic that you are dealing with right now.

TEACHER: Pastor Kevin Matthews

Kevin Matthews over the last 30yrs has served as a Camp Director, Children’s Pastor, Lead Pastor, and now Executive Pastor. Kevin and Debbilea have been married for 30 years and have a son Kohl at university who was adopted at a young age.


Join us for a worship service 9am or 11am with special guest Pastor Steve Stroope, (Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall Texas)

Arrival, child check in, choose your seminar location.

Seminar #1, your choice.


Seminar #2, your choice.


Pastor Steve Stroope – Intentional Marriage
Pastor Steve served as the Lead Pastor for 40 years at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas. Over the last few years he went through a successful transition with Pastor Josh Howerton. Church attendance under his Pastor Steve’s leadership grew from 53 at its inception to over 11,000 today. He is also an author of several books, It Starts at Home, Money Matters in Church and Tribal Church. Pastor Steve has been a mentor to our Hillside Pastors and is a real friend of Hillside.

Conference Ends.